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Beirut.com 21 Jan 2021

18 Things You Say Both During Sex and Lockdown

Since the news cycle is brutal…

1. You’re so hard.

@ Life.

2. Stay inside a little longer.

3. Sar kteer kbeer

The number of COVID patients.

4. Did you get enough tissues?

You never know when people will start panic-buying again.

5. Sar ra7 yejeh..

Your food delivery.

6. Come inside

When it’s almost 5 PM!

7. I can’t take it anymore!

When you hear Hamad Hassan praising himself.

8. That lasted longer than I expected.

9. I felt it all night.

The anxiety, of course.

10. Wash your hands first.

11. Neekneh.

When your food delivery needs 200 minutes.

12. 3le2et

When you get stuck in traffic before the clock hits 5pm

13. This is taking forever

And they going to extend lockdown?

14. Tole3 l test positive

15. That’s way too rough.

When your delivery guy cancels last minute.

16. My throat hurts.

17. How many people did you give it to?

18. Ma ba2a fini

Eh wallah.