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Beirut.com 21 Jan 2021

12 Websites For Online Clothes Shopping In Lebanon

Stuck at home but have the itch for some new clothes? Here are some places that will get you what you need, and take cash upon delivery!

Note: Some of these places have amended their terms to deliver after the lockdown ends, while some are still processing orders.

1. The Urban Thrifts

Tops, jeans, and so much more!

2. Brands & Beyond

Discounted items at this beloved outlet. You can also find homeware and gadgets.

3. Brands For Less

The perfect place to find some amazing basics, great designer picks, and more.

4. Jewls By Celine

Ultra affordable and adorable! Get yourself a little treat.

5. Sports4Ever

If you’re looking for sports equipment of just gym wear (to wear around the house), look no further.

6. Mike Sport

Gym equipment, clothes, and accessories galore.

7. GS Grand Stores

Homeware, clothes, shoes, and more!


Always a fave.

9. ZoodMall

This application can get you anything, anywhere.

10. HiCart

Alongside electronics, coffee makers, perfumes, and more – HiCart has a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

11. Como Store

If you “need” new designer kicks!

12. Zara

They put a hole through our pocket, but the sale section is pretty decent.