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Marianne Hassoun 22 Jan 2021

Here’s What 50,000 LBP Can Get You in Today’s Economy

How many times have you heard the sentence “IN THIS ECONOMY?” whenever your friends or family would like to buy something that’s a bit over budget?

As the Lebanese Lira loses its value daily, here’s what you can buy with 50,000 L.Lin today’s economy:

1. An Alfa/MTC Charger Line

So we’ve heard they’re no longer abiding by the 1,500 L.L rate

2. Kilo Jebne

Regardless, Cheese is elite, no matter the price.

3. Noss Tankit Benzin

“Khafifule Dahrat” Okay mom.

4. 2 Nescafe Red Mug Jars

They’re even robbing us from our morning coffee

5. Noss Kilo Bzurat

They’d be the done the first half of the movie you’re watching

6. 2 Lebanese Wine Bottles

Support the local, why not?

7. 3 Sandwich Shawarma (Ma3 extra kabbis)

Rja3o fakro bi ossit el kabis eza herzene

8. A box of Special K

No one needs to be healthy right now

9. Kilo Booza

Sahtein, I guess

10. Two medium jars of Nutella

Eat with care!