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Marianne Hassoun 01 Feb 2021

11 Reasons why February Is the Worst Month

Because of the current 4-week lockdown, January felt endless.
But that doesn’t mean February is any better.

Here are 12 reasons why we think February is one of the worst months of the year.

1. You start to notice the holiday weight you’ve put on

Nothing worse than regretting those 3 pieces of cakes you’ve had on New Year’s Eve.

2. Your neighborhood cats are getting more action than you are

Who needs an alarm when you can wake up to cats moaning?

3. Valentine’s Day

No one found their true love in 2020, so you’re not alone.

4. The word “February” is annoying to spell

Turn on your auto-corrects.

5. It’s not winter and it’s not spring

One minute we’re in short sleeves, the other we’re wearing fleece jackets.

6. It’s Flu season

COVID, The Flu, who knows?

“Img src=https://media.giphy.com/media/lQgwVHYF8qG4n195T4/giphy.gif” width =”70%”>

7. Chapped Skin

Yup, an overload on cream

8. No days off from work

There’s no 3-day weekend in sight

9. It’s the shortest month

(Okay but lowkey that’s an advantage)

10. It’ll make you feel more single than ever

Scroll over those couple tiktoks

11. It’s Aquarius/Pisces month

Im sorry to all of you Water and Air signs