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Taleen El Gharib 18 Feb 2021

Serenity: The Ultimate Getaway Experience In Zahle

One thing that is always on our list: enjoying a nice escape away from all the chaos. We found an amazing getaway experience in the heart of Zahle with the most ethereal views and mouthwatering delights – and we can’t wait to check it out as soon as lockdown is lifted!

A true winter dream and out-of-world experience, Serenity makes feeling disconnected feel (and taste) so good. Whether you choose a bungalow or teepee, each will give you its own variety of pleasures.

For those who want a private Bungalow experience:

Or those who prefer a more romantic setting in their teepees:

Serenity’s getaway is truly one of a kind, and very snow day-friendly! In fact, it’s a winter heaven that we can’t wait to experience.

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