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Beirut.com 22 Feb 2021

31 Things We Love About Beirut

Regardless of our constant downfall, Beirut will always be a special place with special memories.

Here are 31 thing we love about Beirut.

1. The Kaak vendor that will always memorize your order and greets you with a smile

2. The after party at Zaatar w Zeit after getting shitfaced at AHM/Grand Factory

3. Sunday Mashewe with the family and everyone getting drunk on Arak

4. Coop D’etat’s Rooftop and its 12 flights of stairs

5. Hommos, Hommos, Hommos

6. Roadtrips to Batroun to always end up in Tripoli

7. Our uniqueness in snacks – like infamous Moghrabye sandwich

8. Our traditional Lebanese burgers that are just a combination of a burger patty, fries, and coleslaw

9. Random Street Falafel plans at 2 am when we’re suddenly hungry

10. Getaways to Anfeh, tan 7ess halna bi Greece

11. The way we turn things into a joke, like throwing a funeral for our Lebanese Lira (i.e a coping mechanism)

12. We celebrate everything, we even throw birthdays even for a [joura]

13. Sunset drinks at Bolero Batroun on a late Saturday Afternoon

14. Going to Latte Art after a super long class and asking for our usual

15. Our weirdest food combinations like Battikh w halloum (????)

16. Beirut taxi drivers that always end up being our best friend by the end of the trip

17. Our way of throwing protests (and turning them into lit parties)

18. Lebanese grandmas and their urge to stuff us with food

19. Being able to rely on amazingly helpful people

20. everyone’s generosity, no matter how little they have

21. ALWAYS making the “30 mins men el jabal lal baher” joke

22. Our useless celebrity dramas

23. Mousalsalet Ramadan that joins the entire family

24. Constant ebates about the best shawarma in Lebanon

25. Our local WINE! Making Ixsir the best wine in the world!

26. Going all out at weddings and hiring a Zaffe

27. Graffiti on the street around Hamra

28. our 24/7 delivery services

29. Local bakeries that make us fall in love with their manakish

30 our stupid television shows that always entertain us, like mister Lebanon