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Beirut.com 21 Feb 2021

55 Things That Will Remind You Of Being A Kid In Lebanon

Ready to take a trip down memory lane?

1. Was everyone okay with calling this 3osso w mosso?

2. Forever the OG juice.

3. …which you also had as ice cream.

4. Remember these little troops?

5. This is where our makeup obsession started.

6. The only “other half” you cared about at the time.

7. And the only ring that mattered.

8. Why did we spend our childhood sucking on feet…?

9. Our favorite bubble gum.

10. Snacks for days.

11. Our skin care routine in a picture.

12. The ultimate entertainment show.

13. The greatest little snack.

14. And your favorite pack of gum.

15. The chips we ate.

16. This ice cream, always paired with a wooden spoon.

17. Bubble jug anyone?

18. School essentials.

19. Because organization was key.

20. We took this board very, very seriously.

21. Genuinely thankful that we were born in the same era as tarboush.

22. The very first phone we owned.

23. This kept us busy for hours on end.

24. Can the atari please make a comeback?

25. These jello cups were served at every birthday party.

26. And these custard cups were heaven on earth.

27. We really thought we were the ultimate pranksters.

28. And we swore we’d never give up our Walkman.

29. The best feeling ever was seeing a teacher roll a TV into class.

30. Your very first professional art set.

31. Your and your cousin’s favorite thing.

32. The best thing, ever.

33. The bendy pencils that never sharpened correctly.

34. Cleaning out the mouse ball was your favorite/grossest chore.

35. Scooping out jello with your tongue from these tiny containers was heaven.

36. The clear jelly sandals that somehow smelled like strawberries.

37. Shopping trips to Monoprix were your favorite outing ever.

38. And you most definitely grabbed a box of this.

39. Raising, and inevitably killing your first Tamagotchi child.

40. This one’s for the little bookworms.

41. The reason behind your terrible decision making skills today.

42. Everywhere you went, you saw kids hopping on these.

43. Going to Burger King, just for the playground.

44. Your first experience with fishing.

45. And your very first radio.

46. These were actually very painful.

47. The ruler with water in it. Real fancy.

48. You’ve stamped these on your forehead at least once.

49. If you smoked these, you were a real bad ass.

50. Your favorite candy dispensers.

51. These made you RICH rich.

52. This BABOL gum.

53. And the chocolate toothpaste.

54. Pizza and burger gummies were your favorite lunch.

55. And last but not least, feeling like an adult when you ate POLO.