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Marianne Hassoun 23 Feb 2021

We Found Your Next Quarantine Activity: Ever Heard of Embroidery?

Ever heard of embroidery? Embroidery entails of decorating cloth with pictures consisting of stitches that are sewn directly onto the material, and we found the coolest and cutest local business for you to try out during lockdown and it maybe even become your next hobby!

Lunaticbeirut – a cute (recently online) store based in Ashrafieh offers you everything Lebanese themed! From mugs, tote bags, puzzles and embroidery kits!

This local business delivers right to your doorstep! Shop from their different embroidery hoop art designs with the cutest images, self-created board games and more! Family game night just got way more interesting.

This large collection is beautifully and originally designed for your to upgrade your style, with their Beirut Inspired Tote Bags, phone covers, planners, and much much more!

To shop, visit https://www.luanatic.com/