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Beirut.com 24 Feb 2021

Livestock Companies Problem With Subsidies: An Ongoing Struggle

Another day, another governmental failure.

Livestock trade company Sleiman Co. For Livestock has been forced to halt sales of their cattle temporarily. The reason? The government has failed to pay upwards of 4 Million Euro in subsidy dues to the company, leaving them unable to settle their payments abroad.

In January and February of 2021, the company imported and sold cattle at the subsidized price, under the impression that the government would be paying their share of nearly five million Euro. These shipments have been sold in the market at subsidized prices, yet two months later, the company has yet to receive their dues from the Central Bank.

Furthermore, a current lawsuit brands Sleiman Co. For Livestock as a monopoly, a strange label considering the fact that there are a dozen other livestock traders currently operating in Lebanon.

Should private companies pay the price for a failed government?

You can read the company’s complete statement below: