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Taleen El Gharib 24 Feb 2021

Court Session For Tripoli Protesters Postponed Because There Was ‘No Internet’

This country proves to us yet again that its failures know no bounds. According to The Lawyard, a trial session that was scheduled for detainees at the military court today was just postponed under the pretext that there was an issue with the internet connection in the courtroom.

The detainees are being held over accusations of terrorism and rioting after Tripoli’s Municipality building was burned down during protests.

Citizens were holding protests for several consecutive days in Tripoli for the mere fact that they could not provide for their families. The lockdown had taken a heavy toll on single-income families whose businesses were obstructed due to the COVID-19 measures. They had expressed their anger at continuous governmental negligence that has left them hungry and unable to make a decent living.

It was also reported that Judge Marcel Bassil re-interrogated 19 of the detainees.