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Marianne Hassoun 25 Feb 2021

Xndoughs: The Donut Parlor That Delivers

Have you guys every dreamt of tasting Homer Simpson’s infamous pink glazed donut? Well, maybe now you can!

XnDoughs will offer you three things: Authenticity, Taste, And Wholesomeness.
This cute little donut shop offers you what you NEED with your afternoon coffee, some freshly out of this world donuts.

Overdose with a Nutella Injected Donut, that’ll take you to a new different level of sugar rush! (in a good way!) or a Kinder infused Donut with Bueno chunks!

We’re sure you’ve been wanting to try out these “Crème Brulee” donuts you’ve been checking on your Instragram Explore page, and now you have the chance! The satisfaction you get after breaking that crusty donut into two!

If if somone’s birthday is coming, you could also order a donut tower cake of all different sorts; either your traditional round donut tower, or the giant munchin tower!

They also offer flavored cookie dough ice cream that simply looks like it taste heavenly!

You can check out their instagramm via XnDoughs and place your order!