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Taleen El Gharib 01 Mar 2021

Introducing Tiny Houses: Simple, Compact, And Adorable!

The Tiny House movement was started by two Lebanese brothers who spent most of their lives traveling the world. When they decided to settle back in Lebanon, they built their own tiny house. Yes, it’s actually tiny.

Well, the movement is supposed to encourage simple living and finding joy in outdoor activities rather than spending your time in expensive indoor spaces.

The interior is compact, simple, and very comfortable. Despite its smallness, its very efficiently constructed interior is somewhere you’ll be dying to spend your time.

Embraced by the beauty of nature and a life of solitude away from the chaos, this tiny house is the perfect getaway in Batroun.

But lucky for you, the brothers are making it possible to plan out your own tiny house and get involved in their movement towards building a communal society far away from consumerist culture.

Check out their website for more information!