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Beirut.com 02 Mar 2021

15 Things We Remember From Iyyem El 1,500

The good old days when $1 = 1,500 LL and it felt so real.

1. Going to the supermarket and getting a ton of stuff for 50,000 LL, and feeling like it’s expensive.

2. Not knowing who Salim Sfeir is.

3. Tipping delivery services 4,000 and feeling generous AF.

4. Saying, “7ayala” when they ask if they should charge our card dollar aw Libnene.

5. Giving the valet $100 bill and having them return 145,000 Lira and driving away.

6. When you used to exchange dollars at the gas station to pay your cab.

7. An ATM spitting out dollars like it is no big deal.

8. Grabbing 4 chocolates and having the bill come up to 2,000 Lira.

9. Walking into a pharmacy and buying meds for 20,000 LL.

10. Not having to take an appointment to go visit your money at the bank.

11. Grabbing a few things at McDonald’s for 13,000 LL.

12. Having your Uber account linked to your credit card.

13. Being able to enjoy Apple music and Spotify, now we’re all about YouTube’s free music.

14. Not needing an extra large wallet to accommodate the Lebanese bank notes.

15. Feeling like things were relatively normal.