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Taleen El Gharib 05 Mar 2021

6 Hiking Trails You’ll Want To Explore In Lebanon

There’s nothing wrong with seeking some escape from the confines of your home (while taking all the necessary COVID precautions, of course).

We found some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Lebanon that will surely make you want to enjoy an active day.

1. Ammiq, Bekaa

Bekaa itself is surreal in its landscapes and the color palette that never fails to amaze us, but this hiking trail looks like something straight out of a movie.

2. Saydet El Qaren, Akoura

A glorious image of browns and calming tones, this location is perfection. Now covered in snow, it serves a more challenging route for our adventure and snow lovers.

3. Qadisha Valley, Bcharré

Qadisha Valley is called the Holy Valley for a reason. The view is beyond what words can describe, and it is close to the Forest of the Cedars of God, which you can also visit.

4. Hadath Al Jubbah, North Lebanon

Can you imagine the perfect picnic and camping spot after a long hike to the top of the mountain? What a journey worth the destination.

5. Al Fizr, Kfarmatta

At the top is a magnificent view of the topography with a wide array of greens, yellows, and blues beyond imagination. At the bottom is a flowing river with crystalline waters and a soothing site for meditation. Although a long trail, it is definitely worthwhile.

6. Mseilha, Batroun

One of the most ideal hiking trails, as it takes you on a 12km through a gorgeous and easy path that will lead you to the Mseilha Fort.

Happy hiking!