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Marianne Hassoun 05 Mar 2021

Famous Floating Breakfast At This Amazing Guest House in Bkerzay!

We’re certain you’ve seen the famous Maldivian floating breakfast across your socials, but who said this can’t be offered in Lebanon?

Bkerzay is the ultimate spot for you to keep things fun when your shooting photos for your Instagram! Their heated pool is the perfect getaway for you to relax and treat yourself!

Enjoy the stunning Chouf views with this leisurely breakfast. This heavenly place also offers you endless activities for you to take part of – such as pottery classes that will let you discover your inner artist.

The gorgeous location is also the perfect place for you to get back to morning yoga if you’ve been slacking. The vitamin D will surely help you get all this negativity away, and ensures you peace of mind.

And if you’re a bride and looking for the perfect wedding destination, this venue is the one! The greenery is Berkzay is to die for, alongside the painting-like landscape that is absolutely striking.

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, or give them a call on 03-512020