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William Daou 31 Mar 2021

This Initiative Mapped Out Everything Lebanese Politicians Own

The “Yaskot Hokm El Fased” program on Al Jadeed is now collaborating with Gherbal Initiative in order to provide Lebanese citizens with the utmost transparency about property ownerships of all current and former ministers and parliament members from the biggest political blocs in Lebanon.

Last year, the program managed to get their hands on almost 1000 registered properties belonging to 30 political figures. They managed to create an online portal where you can search through the properties, who owns them, and where they are located.

On their website, you can view properties belonging to specific political parties and individual politicians. The initiative is also urging Lebanese citizens to submit requests to any Land Registry and Cadastre office so that they can obtain the properties’ ownership of other former and current figures.

You can send those files by email to: el3ikar@gmail.com and help making all of this information available to the public.