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Lama Hajj 31 Mar 2021

Here’s How Much Property Lebanese Politicians Own

Founded back in 2018, Gherbal Initiative aims to “bridge the gap between Lebanese citizens and administrations” and advocate for transparency.

Their latest work includes a collaborative project with a popular Aljadeed TV show, Riad Kobeissei’s “Yaskot Hokm al Fased,” in which they attempt to map out properties owned by Lebanese politicians of all parties. Despite the fact that we know how corrupt and thieving Lebanese politicians are, it was still jarring to see the sheer amount of land and wealth they have amassed on the backs of Lebanese people.

Here are some noteworthy findings from their research:

Note: These are merely the properties registered in their names, they undoubtably have way more hidden away.

1. Gebran Bassil, FPM

The most famous Minister of Energy for all the wrong reasons owns 48 properties in his name, 47 of which in Batroun alone and 1 in Kornet Shahwan. More details here.

2. Ghazi Aridi, PSP

A whopping 39 properties spanning across the stunning Chouf region (36) and 3 in Beirut. Very socialist indeed. More details here.

3. Mohamad Tarek El Mereebi, Future Movement

The young politician has already amassed 30 properties, all of them in Akkar. He spends his free time speaking out against political hereditary succession. More details here.

4. Yassine Jaber, Amal Movement

AN INSANE 186 PROPERTIES – 90 of them in Beirut alone (billions of dollars worth?), 10 in Aley and 86 in Nabatieh. Can you imagine what this guy has hidden away? More details here.

5. Saad Hariri, Future Movement

Just 71 properties for him – Beirut, Aley, Jizzine, and the bulk of which in Saida. lol. More details here.

6. Walid Joumblatt, PSP

We have a winner. 505 properties owned by the man who wants for nothing. 447 of them are in Chouf, 23 in Beirut, 11 in Bekaa, 7 in Aley, AND MORE. Leader of socialism <3. More details here.

7. Joyce Tiyan Gemayel, Kataeb

Former first lady of Lebanon owns 24 properties across Metn, Aley, and Kesserwan. More details here.

It also cites that Fuad Sanioura owns 5 (HAHAHA), Samir Geagea owns 5, and Nabih Berri 14. So clearly, they can hide their money well. For more of Gherbal’s work and other politicians’ properties, click here.