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Labib Mansour 01 Apr 2021

Meet The “Happiness Box” From This Snack In Tyre!

When we say this is literal happiness in a box, we’re not kidding.

Imagine a layer of golden fries topped with delicious crispy chicken bites, drizzled with delectable sauces and sprinkled with spicy jalapeños. Guaranteed happiness in a box!

This delectable combo is from the beloved Samir Snack in Tyre, and they’re one of the most popular spots to eat in the area! Their bestseller is the “Happiness Box”, and rightfully so.

All things spicy is one of their specialties, so if you liked the jalapeño-covered fries and crispy bites, you’ll absolutely love their spicy fried chicken!

The buffalo zinger topped with cheese is the perfect type of junk food, and is oh so satisfying. Next time you are planning a road trip to Sour, be sure to drop by Samir Snack for a bite or a whole box!

For delivery, call 07347202 – 70671700 – 70627700!