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William Daou 02 Apr 2021

You’ve Gotta Try The Cheetos Burger From This Spot In Tripoli

Spicy food lovers, this one’s for you! Twins Burgers is a fantastic food truck in the Dam w Farez neighborhood of Tripoli.

They’ve made quite a name for themselves by serving up some of the tastiest and most inventive burgers in town! But one of them caught our eye a little bit more than others: the Dynamite Chicken Cheetos Burger!

A juicy piece of breaded and fried chicken, topped with dynamite sauce and a happy helping of crunchy spicy Cheetos, all tucked into a pillowy bun. Sounds like heaven!

This burger is currently their bestseller, and we recommend giving it a try!
But if you’re more on the beef side, tuck into a delicious Lebanese style burger. French fries, ketchup, coleslaw, and pickles with a mouthwatering beef patty.

For orders, call 76/004222 or 81/004222!