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Tanya Maalouf 01 Apr 2021

14 Hidden Gems In Lebanon To Tick Off Your Bucket List

There are so many hidden gems all over Lebanon that you just have to explore, and we’ve got a bunch of spots you can add to your bucket list!

1. River Zen

The ultimate treehouse escape by the river!

2. Glamping Lebanon

Tents equipped to give you the best glamorous camping experience.

3. Beit Alia

The most serene private bungalow for our nature-lovers!

4. Chebanieh Home and Garden

Anyone up for barbecuing?

5. Iskandar Boutique Hotel

For the most gorgeous sea views.

6. Shouweta Cabin

A retreat under the oak trees in the coziest cabin!

7. La Maison de la Forêt

Combining a brilliant escape with outdoor activities and adventures.

8. Phoenician’s Landing

The definition of the perfect morning coffee is right here.

9. Double T

A getaway from the city with delicious food and a cozy fire.

10. 3a Hawak

A fireplace, riverside view, and delicious food!

11. Farmville Barouk

Collecting eggs, picking fruits and vegetables, and the cutest farm animals to hang out with – what more could you ask for?

12. Hayrouna Aytou

We’re obsessed with cabins if you couldn’t tell.

13. UŽÍT

This place is right next to a waterfall!

14. Meghrak

Perfect for gatherings.

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