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Tanya Maalouf 11 Apr 2021

Bizarre Hummus Flavors You Probably Didn’t Know About

Of course, the traditional hummus taste is elite and nothing can top it, but chefs and innovators around the world have somehow gotten a little bit too imaginative in coming up with brand new hummus flavors.

Should there be FLAVORED hummus anyway?

1. Let’s start off easy, Mediterranean Olive Hummus

Seems okay, not too crazy.

2. Moving on to Black Bean Hummus

Fool with hummus…still not TERRIBLE.

3. Pea-No Nut Butter Hummus

Miss, I don’t think so.

4. Dark Chocolate Hummus

It’s a definite no.

5. Ranch hummus

No comment on this one.

6. Pizza Hummus

Excuse me?

7. Sea Salt Caramel Hummus

Burn it.

8. Everything Hummus

We do love some spices in our hummus.

9. CBD Hummus

Needed during these stressful times.

10. Honey Mustard Hummus

With a side of chicken strips?

11. Lastly and possibly most offensive, CAKE BATTER HUMMUS

Please dear God, NO.