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Beirut.com 13 Apr 2021

6 Bakeries That Serve Delectable Lahm Baajin

A breakfast of champions – Lahm B3ajin vaked to a crisp, a tiny bit of hot sauce, lemon and of course a side of 3iran!

You can the find the most delicious Lahm B3ajin at these spots around Lebanon!

1. Krikor’s Bakery

Krikor’s Bakery has been around for almost 55 years and is still planning on thriving. Him and his wife Laure offer the best lahm b3ajin around Baskinta, and of course you shouldn’t miss out on their mana2ish aswell.

2. Super Mashrouha

It is indeed SUPER! Super Mashrouha offers you baked goods in many different sizes. If you’re famished, you can always order their super lahm b3ajin, and if you’re indecisive, you can also order a huge mashrouha that has a variety of toppings!

3. Ichkhanian Bakery

This place is a MUST TRY! Ichkhanian is famous for its traditional Amernian baked goods! Don’t forget to order a bit of spice with it, a combination to die for!

4 Merchak Bakery

Merchak offers you delicious slices of heaven! Their Lahm B3ajin are exquisite with them lemon drops.

5. Hallab & Son

Puff Pastry Lahm B3ajin? YES! Hallab’s unique method is to die for. A soft pillowy texture and a bit of a crunch.

6. Lahmajun

Foot long lahm b3ajin with a variety of spices is found at this spot! Indulge in a mix of flavors that will satisfy your Lahm b3ajin craving.