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Beirut.com 22 Apr 2021

Lexyom: The Lebanese Startup Disrupting The Legal Industry

Lexyom is a Legal-tech startup that was founded in Lebanon by Lebanese entrepreneurs, amongst which are Rami Alameand Nadine Imad .

After being incubated at the Nucleus, being finalists at the HiiL innovating Justice Award in 2017, funded by 500 startups in San Francisco, and featured on Tech Crunch, Lexyom is now expanding across the Arab world with one goal in mind: to provide the best legal experience to startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists.

Providing the best legal advice for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists

Lexyom provides several solutions, from generating your legal documents going all the way from notice to complex contracts. You can also use the dashboard as a data room where you gather all your legal documents so that you can be ready for any capital injection or investment that might come your way. Lexyom is also helping startups register their companies all around the World at very competitive prices, opening their bank accounts and making sure they can operate smoothly and swiftly.

Lexyom is also working on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to ensure all agreements are implemented accurately and entrepreneurs are protected all along the way.

Lexyom’s team is committed to staying in Lebanon, and through Ororus Advisors, LLP is committed to providing personalized high-end Legal Services. The Team Ghina Massalkhi, Trace Mouannes and the rest of the team are doing a fantastic job during these challenging times to help entrepreneurs and startups across the board.

Lexyom’s head of content, Rim Daye, told Beirut.com that Lexyom started providing English services but is quickly and undoubtedly making the total shift to Arabic.

Many projects are on the way, and Lexyom is committed to making Legal as easy as drinking water.

Make sure to sign up to www.lexyom.com.