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Beirut.com 05 May 2021

Interview With Lexyom’s Co-Founder: Nadine Imad

Nadine Imad cofoundedLexyom, one of the pioneers in Legal Tech in 2017. Today, Lexyom is going into Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology. COO Nadine Imad is a lawyer who graduated from the Lebanese University before pursuing two Masters degrees in both Business Law and Arbitration; COO Nadine Imad became a certified Mediator in 2013. She worked with Abou Jaoude & Associates LLP, Raphael & Associates LLP, and at the Lebanese Parliament as a Legal Consultant for drafting legislation related to Women empowerment and youth energy. She participated in different initiatives and NGOs related to women empowerment and youth. We sat with her to know more about her path.

Hello Nadine, First question is about Lexyom – can you explain what it is?

Yes, I helped cofound Lexyom back in 2017, making it the first Legal Tech startup in the Lebanese ecosystem. For that, I had to defy myself and go into coding and product management to understand the dynamics of building a tech product. Today I manage the product at Lexyom. We work with fantastic tech people who give their all to make Lexyom a success story and provide the best legal experience for entrepreneurs and startups.

Talk to us about the challenges of being an entrepreneur in a male-dominated field?

There are significant challenges on that level. You get a lot of pressure when you start you go into your venture. You get to face pressure from society, friends, and family. This experience also acts as a filter to know who provides genuine support and who backs out. I am blessed to have a fantastic Family and a mentor Brother, Mr. Hany Imad, who has stood by my side since day one. My close circle and my family believed Lexyom and me throughout and would have never made it without them. I would encourage all women to surround themselves with the right people, and if the family is not a support, some friends can become family, so get them close to you.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Other than surrounding themselves with loyal and supportive people, any woman should believe in her skills, power, and strength to do magic. Do not let anyone pull you back, do not let anyone shame you, and most importantly, pressure you with age or any other factor. Age is a number, so do not be scared of it.

What is next for you, Nadine?

I am focused on growing Lexyom across the Arab World. We want to be the first providers for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and artists across the region. I also am involved on many levels in helping social startups and sustainable fashion.

Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck with your endeavors.