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Tanya Maalouf 26 Apr 2021

Grand Factory Fundraiser Draws Criticism From Many

Last weekend, The Grand Factory came under a wave of backlash for their recent fundraiser, Save The Grand Factory.

The video campaign asking for donations was met with a lot of criticism on social media, with people accusing the popular nightclub of using the crises in the country as leverage.

Due to blows from the events of October 2019 (arguably before), and after witnessing a dire economic and health crisis compounded by the August 4th explosion, The Grand Factory is now looking for financial support to reach a goal of $250,000 to rebuild their community. It is unclear what this money will be used for exactly — whether it is just for repairing the physical damage sustained by the August 4 blast or if it is for other projects.

Considering that this comes amid the most dreadful living and economic conditions for most Lebanese, some people believe that their donation campaign is not a priority in comparison to other crises. Here is a sample of some of the backlash received:

In under 48 hours, the club managed to raise over $13,000.