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Taleen El Gharib 26 Sep 2021

This Food Truck In Saida Is Serving The Most Delicious Waffles

People always have room left for dessert, and WAFL is giving us all the waffle options that are bound to satisfy.

The food truck is located in Food Truck Park in Saida, a space that combines a medley of delicious food trucks and stations.

You will smell WAFL a mile away! Freshly baked sweet waffles that are loaded with all the toppings your heart will desire.

From fruits to ice cream to lotus biscuits, you can tailor make your waffle to fit your tastes. They also offer some classic desserts, like ice cream and crepes, but what we’re interested in is their Hong Kong WAFL!

Scoops of ice cream wrapped in a waffle cone drizzled with chocolate sauce? Yes, please!

If you’re looking to spend the day at Food Truck Park in Saida, don’t forget to drop by WAFL to satisfy your sweet tooth! Visit their website or Instagram for more!