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William Daou 27 Apr 2021

15 Desserts You Have To Try In Beirut

Who has a sweet tooth? These are some of the best desserts to try in the city!

1. Bahama cake from Pate a Choux

2. Honey cake from Jana Cake

3. Ma3moul madd and sfouf from Safsouf

4. Almond crunch ice cream from Orso Bianco

5. Baklava from Baron

6. Chocolate chip cookies from Rouba Khalil Kitchen

7. Tarte au citron from Des Choux et des Idées

8. Knefe from L’abeille D’or

9. Profiteroles from Paname

10. Brioche Perdue from La Menagerie

11. Strawberry cheesecake from East Village

12. Halawet el jiben from Hallab HGH 1881

13.Nutella pizza from Tavolina

14. Chocolate stuffed croissant from Croissant al Cheikh

15. The S’mores Pot from By Skirt