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Beirut.com 27 Apr 2021

17 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up During The ’70s In Lebanon

Is our memory playing tricks or were the early 70s really the best days?

1. The na3oomeh was the best sweet treat, even when it made you choke.

2. The sa7beh is another treat! Karabeej cream sandwiched between two biscuits, and if you were, lucky you’d find a Franc in there.

3. You had kaak and milk for breakfast on most days before school.

4. Instead of Pepsi, you used to enjoy Jalloul tamarind.

5. Every mother had her own sewing machine, and it was a fixture in the home.

6. A turpentine/oil salesman would come around on a horse and ring his bell.

7. Your favorite time was 4 PM, when you could watch cartoons on Tele Liban.

8. And Casper and Mickey Mouse were the only shows they aired.

9. Candied apples were a favorite.

10. You still remember the sound of the kerosene stoves.

11. When Sound of Music hit the theaters, you watched it around 100 times.

12. Every school trip was either to Anjar or Baalbak.

13. Your all time favorite game was hopscotch!

14. Going out after sunset was DEFINITELY not allowed.

15. The school apron was something everyone had to endure.

16. Your parents would listen to Oum Kulthoom, and you’d beg them not to repeat the track.

17. You still dream of those days, remembering the beauty of the city and the kindness of the people.