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Myriam Skaf 05 May 2021

Makeup Products Lebanese Moms Were Obsessed With

Lebanese moms have blessed us with iconic makeup looks over the years. From a dramatic smokey look done exclusively with black shadow, to blue eyeliner and pink lip contour, we’re diving in to every Lebanese mom’s timeless beauty must-haves!

1. Kohl

You may remember seeing a black kohl pencil that most likely lasted anywhere between 7 and 12 years. Blue kohl also had its fair share of birthdays appearances!

2. Pink lip liner

The infamous pink liner that slightly over contoured so many lips (and cheeks afterwards).

3. Nude lipstick

Lebanese moms paired the flashy pink lip liner with a nude lipstick that definitely does not match. The combination is forever embedded in our minds, and our childhood pictures. Extra points if she got some lipstick on her teeth in your birthday photos.

4. Blush

One thing we know for sure, our moms love pink. The mosaique blush was an essential in a 2000s makeup bag. How to use it: pack the color on the apple of your cheeks and DO NOT blend.

5. Hand cream

Battles of hand cremes: Clipp vs Nivea. These two fix all your ointment needs.
Possible Coronavirus solution. Class the citrusy smell and buttery texture under Proust’s madeleine.