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Labib Mansour 19 May 2021

Lakeside Bungalows And Camping At This Zgharta Spot

Feel like escaping the city for a memorable night away?

Hayrouna Aytou bungalows are just what the doctor ordered! Tucked away in nature amongst lush greenery and a beautiful, serene lake, these wooden cabins will make you forget all about real-life problems.

Enjoy guided hikes by the day, and a bonfire that you can make memories around by night.

In the morning, indulge in a traditional Lebanese breakfast with favorites like manakeesh, hummus, and eggs.

You can also host events there like birthday retreats in nature, or just head on over to unwind and relax.

The bungalows are spacious and well equipped. Call them on 81283757 for more details!