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Beirut.com 19 May 2021

11 Free Things You Can Do This Summer In Lebanon

Free things you can enjoy this summer

The simple pleasures of life are always at our fingertips. We just have to get creative and focus on the daily magical things that surround us.

Here are some ideas about how to rejoice with little to no budget!

If you’re looking for something super light on the pocket with a guaranteed fun time, we’ve got you covered.

1. Go on night walks
Great time to decompress.

2. Cruise around at dawn and catch the sunrise

Change up your night cruise. Set your alarm right before sunrise, drive around the empty roads and enjoy the colors shift from darkest blue to dawn.

3. Walk your friends’ dog

Why walk alone when you can walk with a dog?

4. Visit public spaces

Public spaces are scarce – make the effort to find public gardens, museums and libraries in your area.

5. Sightseeing and photograph

Feel like a tourist (fake it until you make it). Let us be your virtual guide and check our Arts and Culture section!

6. Throw a karaoke party

You have your phone or TV, compile nostalgic songs (ranging from Katy Perry to High School Musical) and call your friends over!

7. Star gazing
What roofs are for (+ water tanks obviously).

8. Cloud watching
Another reason to lay down and do nothing.

9. Try a new sport

You have the time to try. Start that playlist you saved during the first lockdown.

10. Unleash the artist in you

Grab your or your cousin’s art tools and paint your worries away! Art therapy is real.

11. Ice cream + movie

Do we need to say more? Get a scoop of your favorite flavor. These 5 ice cream parlors will even deliver right at your doorstep.