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Beirut.com 19 May 2021

Minister Charbel Wehbe Steps Down After Controversial Remarks

After causing a media stir and a ton of controversy regarding comments he made, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon’s caretaker government Charbel Wehbe is on the way to being relieved of his position.

In a tweet published on the Lebanese presidency’s official account it was revealed that President Aoun met with Wehbe this morning and received a letter from him asking that he be relieved of his position. Minister of Defense Zeina Akar was asked to take on his responsibilities but refused.

This comes after KSA, Kuwait, and Bahrain’s foreign ministries summoned Lebanese ambassadors over the fact last night.

Wehbe had made what many deemed to be inflammatory statements about Gulf and Arab states during an appearance on Al Hurra TV on Sunday night. Throughout the show, Wehbe had taken a very critical stance against Gulf states in general, and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular. Here are a couple of clips from his appearance: