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Tanya Maalouf 24 May 2021

18 Things In Every Lebanese Mom’s Closet

Lebanese mom’s have distinct taste and yes, that’s what we’re calling it. Here are 18 things you’re bound to find in every Lebanese mom’s closet.

1. The famous tailleur, for “special” occasions

You never know when you might need this one.

2. Ka3eb bi “Rayye7”

But in reality, ma b rayye7 at all.

3. The famous matching pearl necklace and earring ensemble

It goes with everything.

4. And let’s not forget the iconic gold snake bracelet

Moms and their obsession with snake designs…

5. The fedora hat that has been out of style since 2007

She insists they’re bringing back fedoras.

6. Sneakers from the 80s

She doesn’t even use them for workouts.

7. The cracked black leather purse

She refuses to throw it away cos it’s men “iyyem el 3ez”.

8. The towel slippers

Okay, but they’re kinda comfortable though.

9. The fur piece she no longer wears because aslan battal fi shatwiye b lebnen

10. A sparkly Disney shirt

What is it with moms and Disney?

11. Old phone boxes that she uses for jewelry

A sustainability queen.

12. 57 scarves that she has meticulously arranged by color and material

She wears these when she’s REALLY feeling fancy. And she matches them to her shoes.

13. Pearly white bras

With the metal wiring poking out of the side.

14. Collant makhzou2

And covered in dried up clear nail polish where it got torn.

15. The evening gowns she keeps in case “sar fi shi 3eres”

Or they become hand-me-downs for her kids.

16. A matching silk pajama set that is still in its box.

17. A matching sweatsuit

No one wears these anymore, but they’re a classic mom fit.

18. High heeled flip flops

Why were these even a thing?