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Mia Arawi 24 May 2021

Mites Are Infesting Beirut’s Destroyed Grain Silos

A new issue for people living near Beirut’s port, this time in the form of a bug infestation.

Destroyed by the August 4 explosion, Beirut’s grain silos have been effectively left to rot by a government that no longer has the ability to rebuild. Forgotten under the ruins, sun, and rain, the thousands of tonnes of grains have now become infested by mites and bugs that are slowly making their way to surrounding homes.

Image via VOA News.com

Citizens in Mdawar, Saifi, and Achrafieh have called upon officials to intervene and dispose of the decaying wheat after they have spotted the pests around their homes.

Beirut’s silos have to be destroyed since they risk collapsing and are incrementally tilting day by day. There have been proposals to rebuild the silos submitted by various companies around the world, but no agreement has been reached as of yet.