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Beirut.com 02 Jun 2021

13 Types Of Lebanese Moms On The Beach

The best part about summer is enjoying beach days. We’re sure you’ve come across different types of Lebanese moms catching some rays, so we’ve compiled a list for you.

1. The tanning addict

They always move their beach chairs in the weirdest directions to soak up ALL the sun, and you can bet they’re armed with ALL the carrot concoctions.

2. The one screaming at her kids

Nothing says beach day like “KHALAS MA BA2A TKEB EKHTAK BEL MAY”

3. The protective mom

Yalli betlabbes her kids like 10 floaties abel ma yenzalo bel may.

4. The UV-conscious mom

Btedhan her kids sun block every 2 hours.

5. The one threatening her loud kids

“Halla2 byeje laykon el life guard” – the life guard is a beach version of “Abu Kees”.

6. The one who is still obsessed with high heeled flip flops

One of the many things in every Lebanese mom’s closet.

7. The “don’t get my hair wet” mom

Perfectly styled head of hair on the beach for what?

8. The one obsessed with straw hats

She’s probably got them in all the colours.

9. And the one matching with her kids

Mother-daughter bonding at its finest.

10. The gossip

“Hzare meen shefet 3al baher”

11. The selfie mom

Palm tree? Selfie. Cocktail? Selfie. Cute new bikini? Selfie.

12. The complainer

“Ktir l shames 2awiye lyom”

“Ma 3am bekhod lon”

“Ya allah hal wled tawashoone”

“L may ktir berde”

13. The Wael Kfoury fan

*randomly breaks out into song*