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Reem Saadeh 02 Jun 2021

This NGO is Dedicated to Rescuing Local Wildlife

Lebanon is home to a manifold of natural reserves that are home to many wild animals. While we have a wide variety of animals inhabiting our woods and forests, the issue of saving and preserving them has been overlooked and unheeded by many.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to the NGO, Lebanese Wildlife! Our very own non-governmental organization whose sole noble purpose is to rescue injured and orphaned local wildlife, nurse them back to health, and release them back into their habitats upon full recovery.

This determined team has repeatedly rescued many different species, from birds and mammals to insects and reptiles.

You can follow through with their journeys, as they document their rescues on Instagram and Twitter. They are very engaging on their stories, putting together compelling quizzes and sharing interesting facts about their fauna.

And here’s the best part! You can volunteer, donate, attend their lectures and workshops, and even adopt an exotic animal by pressing the link in the bios of their social media platforms.