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Beirut.com 15 Jun 2021

This Local Company Is Bringing Destination Weddings Home To Lebanon

The Lebanese business Cheez Hospitality sure knows how to read the room (literally). They’re now allowing you to experience their magical properties in a way most convenient to you!

Cheez Hospitality is well-known for their beautiful spaces around Lebanon and their all-inclusive approach, mapping out fun regional tours like going on a fishing trip, harvesting olives, and discovering new locations and hidden gems. Now, they’re bringing us a solution to all our cancelled weddings by bringing destination weddings home to Lebanon.

After receiving hundreds of requests, Cheez Hospitality is now renting its immaculate villas as guesthouses. You can now enjoy Maison Sur La Colline in Hasbaya and

To top it off, Cheez Hospitality formulated a 3-day wedding program especially for you! On day one, a welcome party will be organized. Day two, you will tie the knot in the gorgeous facility, then dance the night away. For day three, you and your guests will have a delightful brunch and enjoy some activities.

It is a magnificent program that allows the Lebanese people to celebrate love and life during these challenging times, and it allows expats and foreigners to reunite their loved ones in Lebanon.

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