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Mia Arawi 16 May 2023

12 Things We Love About A Lebanese Summer

Summer is on the cusp of arrival, and the sun is settling in for a long reign at the top of Lebanon’s skies. This magical season of heat and mosquitoes brings with it a lot to love, and a lot to hate (but we’ll save that for later). Ahead of this wonderful season, here are 12 things we absolutely adore about Lebanese summer living.

1. The chill vibes

Yeah life still goes on during summer, but there’s this accepted chillness that also runs through that really makes it feel different.

2. Ice cream just hits different

Perhaps some janerik-flavored ice cream too?

3. Barbecues under the sun

Preferably with friends though, because if I have to hear my uncles fighting over the grill one more time.

4. A cold beer on the beach

Top 10 feelings you can experience in life.

5. The long sunny days

It really feels like you can do so much more.

6. Road trips and vacations

And the wonderful memories that come out of them are truly the highlight of any Lebanese summer.

7. Ice cold watermelon

The best way to break the heat.

8. Twitter fights between summer lovers and haters

Cue the, “Mabsouteen jame3it el summer?”

9. The fresh smell of chlorine in the morning

Call it Stockholm Syndrome but that chlorine really comes through when you need it.

10. Achieving ego death during a bout of humid traffic

I understand now.

11. That one book I’ll pretend to read at the beach for the entire summer

Those first 30 pages really do be hitting though.

12. Summer style

No more fucking layers!