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Beirut.com 11 Jun 2021

Pharmacists Of Choueifat, Bchamoun, And Aramoun On Strike

The pharmacists in the areas of Choueifat, Bchamoun, and Aramoun have announced a three day strike starting this Friday until the following Monday.

The pharmacists of that region cited the continued shortage of medications and the unstable conditions as reasons for their strike.

Over the past two years, during the most trying of economic and health conditions, Lebanese pharmacists were left at the mercy of suppliers and cartels. Some suppliers insist that the government owes them millions of dollars in subsidies, pushing them to halt distribution. Others assert that suppliers are manipulating the market and are awaiting pricing hikes to sell for a higher profit margin. Either way, vital medications and basic necessities have flown off the shelves.

It was recently revealed that a whopping 700 pharmacies have closed their doors in Lebanon in the past few years.