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Beirut.com 15 Jun 2021

Harake Skoon explores Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Lebanon

Meet Yara Antoun, the young woman behind Harake Skoon. Yara is introducing Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) to Lebanon. DMP is way of self-discovery: Through movement, you can discover yourself and express the psychological issues you’re facing.


This form of psychotherapy is great for people who find it challenging to express with words, alike music therapy and dramatherapy.

During a group or a one-on-one session, Yara will guide your movements and dance. Some studies suggest that DMP increases your quality of life, overall wellbeing and lowers depression levels.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy incite us to reconnect with ourselves and the social environment we’re born into. Many of us have recently experienced some kind of personal or collective trauma. DMP comes in to help you release traumatic experience you’re holding in your body.


Follow psychotherapist Yara on @Harake.Skoon for further information on the topic and session