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Katerina Hakmeh 21 Jun 2021

10 Types Of Dazed People You’ll Meet in Lebanon This Summer

The struggle of living in Lebanon this summer is beyond what anyone could have imagined. Here are 10 types of dazed people you’re bound to meet in Lebanon this summer:

1. The person who thinks everything will be fine, and that the politicians and administrators will “handle it”.

This is the same person waiting for a government to be formed.

2. The person who thinks that early parliamentary elections will solve every single problem.


3. The person who thinks that we have to wait for the global powers to decide when we can have our country back.

Sorry bas shu khass France b the lack of kahraba??

4. The person who’s staying home all summer because he doesn’t want to spend a single penny

Totally get that.

5. The people who’s spending all their money on shopping

The denial is strong with this one.

6. The person who’s spending all their nights out, clearly partying too hard

Denial? I’m not in denial! Everything is fine, right?

7. The conspiracy theorist who thinks that there’s no crisis

El dollar 1,500 bas hay masra7iyye.

8. The person who’s getting paid in USD and thinks they’re “abu rabba”

Good for you.

9. The one who has been hoarding dollars and medications for the past three years

The smartest person alive.

10. The one who’s worrying about everything and anything

Can you stop the Earth? They want to get off.