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Labib Mansour 08 Aug 2021

10 Types of Pet Owners You’ll Meet in Lebanon

Pet owners can be a little too obsessive, and we mean that in the best way possible. Here are 10 types of pet owners you’ll definitely meet in Lebanon.

1. The one who projects all their feelings onto their pet

“Lucy is upset with my boyfriend today.” Umm..are you sure you’re not the one who’s upset?

2. The one who invests in all the puppy accessories

Your one friend who knows that Zara dropped a dog collection. (Yes, really.)

3. The ridiculously overprotective owner

Kuku only drinks Evian at room temperature.

4. The one who celebrates their pet’s birthday more seriously than their own.

Complete with invite cards, treat giveaways, and a full on birthday cake.

5. The animal expert

Always lecturing you about doggy healthcare whenever it’s possible.

6. The one who cancels plan to stay home with their pet

Worth it.

7. The one who always loses their pet

Frantically searches for them at least twice a week, only to find them asleep in some cupboard.

8. The one who takes their pet EVERYWHERE.

Party on a boat? Oh yeah, Louli’s coming. Bank errand? Louli’s ready to fight.

9. The Influencer

They’ve created an Instagram account for their pup and have bought them matching colorful sweaters and shoes.

10. The clean freak

Their pet is always GLOWING, and they have all the wet wipes on hand.

While we chose to highlight the happiest and most loving pet owners, there are many instances of animal abuse in Lebanon. Please help raise awareness against animal abuse, and be sure to support NGOs that are working to save all these innocent souls.