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Myriam Skaf 18 Jun 2021

Kiosk Mar Mkhael, The Spot That Puts People And Alcohol First.

Mar Mkhael has always been the melting pot of Beirut. People from all over the country and the four corners of the world find refuge in the narrow streets of Mar Mkhael – a safe place where you can express yourself freely without the peering eyes of the Lebanese people.

One spot in particular is held near and dear to countless visitors. Kiosk, situated right next to the gas station, has been around for almost a century.

What sets Kiosk apart from the tens of pubs in that region speaks volumes about the people’s true needs. Lebanese youth, along foreigners and tourists, long to connect with each other. Kiosk cradles backgrounds and cultures in the few square meters surrounding its façade, and people bond over a round of Jägerbomb.

No tables or seats or any kind of dividers. You are not physically limited to the table you reserved, and thus you’re invited to actively take part in this international flow of energy. A joint stripped down from all trivialities, that focuses on people and moments.

To this day, you can’t catch Kiosk on social media, or even on the web, insisting once again on nurturing real life connection.