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Beirut.com 22 Jun 2021

20 Reactions to Bassil Celebrating His Birthday

Now that Bassil was caught celebrating his birthday on Friday night while Lebanese people are hungry and suffering, we thought it would be funny to roundup the most hilarious reactions to last Friday’s birthday. Check them out!

1. Mabsut sabe

2. Shaab aam bimout, meanwhile

3. “The most hated man in Lebanon”

4- “Kebir hmarna senne”

5- Oops

6- Shu awlkun?

7- Bhess eh

8- …

9- Good question

10- Ktiiiiiir mahdum, ma byeswa hal ad

11- Amen

12- Nchallah aatoul bedal ferhan yar rab

13- Some are living on another planet

14- The #كبر_حمارنا_سنة hashtag made it to number one

15- Ana ma khasne

15- LOL

16- Awww nhar Father’s Day, so cute


18- Facts

19- W hek

20- Alah yb3od aano saybet 3en