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Beirut.com 21 Jun 2021

18 Things All Lebanese Dads Have In Common

Happy Father’s Day to all our quirky and amazing Lebanese Dads. We’ve compiled a list on all your hilarious traits, enjoy!

1. They all think they’re hilarious.

They’ll laugh at their own joke even before you’ve understood it. And although they hit you with a super lame dad joke, it’s still freaking hilarious to you.

2. And they all think they’re ridiculously cool.

Daddy cool was written for Lebanese dad.

3. They curse themselves while cursing you.

“Ya ebn el…”

4. They’re all proud of their beer bellies.

They all seem to have a cute little beer belly which was allegedly a 6 pack back in the day. (Or so they say.)

5. They seem to know everyone.

Everybody seems to know baba! That’s why if you need anything, and I do mean anything, he probably knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who can sort you out. Lebanese dads give life to the word wasta.

6. They ALL own a Jesus robe.

Why do dads always have a bathrobe that’s long with wide sleeves that they insist on walking around the house in?

7. They all have their own SPECIAL seat around the house

“La2 sorry ma fik te23od hon, hayda mahal el baba”

8. And of course, TV time is precious time.

The news cycle starts at 7:30 and will last a full hour. Don’t talk, and most certainly don’t breathe.

9. Do not bring up politics at the dinner table.

Because heaven knows that’s a conversation that will never end (or might even end with a chicken flying across the room).

10. His post-lunch nap is sacred.

“Ana feyet etla2a7” is code for “Mahada ye7kine men hala2 la 3 se3at”

11. His war stories are endless.

Bi iyyem el 7arb we had to smuggle bread into the village!”

12. Bi dal 3andoon srafe.

Jaybetoon has more change than your local bank.

13. They all have the most savage comebacks

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14. If you ask for something, he’ll travel the world just to find it for you

And that’s why they’re the best.

15. Law shoo ma sa2altuwun bi oulo “s2alo emkon”

If you want to do anything, just know this will be his reply. Mama is actually the big boss in the house and he’s scared of her too.

16. They all had a mustache once, for some damn reason

“Eh baba hek ken el look bi iyyemna.”

17. The snoring

We all feel sorry for our mothers, the house next door, and the neighboring continent because nobody – and I mean nobody – can escape the sound of baba’s snoring.

18. They all taught you how to drive, and left you crying

“Heik b sou2o?”