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Beirut.com 22 Jun 2021

10 Cringey Dm Every Lebanese Girl Has Received

When it comes to twitter, there are no dearth of perverts lurking on the Internet. Here are 14 cringey dm every Lebanese girl has received over Twitter.

1- Awal mara hada byhkine hek
I don’t think so

2- Fina nkafe WhatsApp, ma brteh aa twitter?
Why, what’s so uncomfortable about twitter?

3- Betsad2e, ma aam behke benet ghayrik hal iyem
You know he’s lying

4- Ktir rtahtelik
We met 30 minutes ago ya albe…

5- Btotla3e la 3ande 3al chalet ?
Yala wasle la hot shi b ejre

6- Ana ma bkazeb, s2ale aane
Do not believe a single word this guy says. He lies, every minute of every day.

7- Your face is so familiar
He’s lying

8- Actually, bas habet elik eno hay mesh liom saret, hatuwa mberih 3a news zabtiya, anw kifik? How old are you? Where do you live?
You so smart, 7el 3ane

9- Fiye otlub menik talab zghir bas w3edine ma t2ule la2 w iza ma 3ajabik beskut doghre ma b3ud ehke, iza aam bez3jek ma tkhabe aalye please…

10- Hi

11- Ma bade kun cringe bas menkharik ktir helo bas zghir
Not coming off as a cringe at all …

12- Remember when he sent this really cringy 5 paragraphs dm
The “K” was silent

13- Hi cutie
Seen 8:43 pm

14- This person who could’ve been a more reliable creeper
Hi (14 mara) w ba3do musser ykafe