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Beirut.com 22 Jun 2021

Here’s How Much A Falafel Sandwich Costs At These 9 Places

Yesterday, we shared with you How Much A Chicken Shawarma Costs At These 9 Places and some of you were shocked by the increase in prices.

And since a local beloved sandwich on Twitter promised us that he would “always be there for us,” we thought we would call up nine falafel spots around Lebanon to see how their prices have changed, here’s what they’re going for.

1. Falafel Karim Sahyoun, Various Locations

Price: 13,000 L.L

2. Barbar, Hamra

Price: 9,000 L.L

3. Restaurant Joseph, Sin El Fil

Price: 10,000 L.L

4. Falafel Freiha, Ashrafieh

Price: 11,000 L.L

5. Falafel Aboulziz, Sodeco and Hamra

Price: 10,000 L.L

6. Falafel Arax, Bourj Hammous

Price: 10,000 L.L

7. Falafel Joseph Zeinoun, various locations

Price: 10,000 L. L

8. Falafel Abou Andre, various locations

Price: 11,000 L.L

9. Falafel Abou Nabil, Beirut

Small: 10,000 L.L
Large: 15,000 L.L