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Mia Arawi 26 Jun 2021

Check Out This Magical Guesthouse From 1820

There’s something magical about places that have a bit of history, and this guesthouse has 200 years’ worth!

Beytbyout is a magnificent guesthouse dating back to 1820, and it has been in the family for generations.

This cozy escape is located in the heart of Beiteddine, with a glorious view of the Chouf district. The guesthouse is nestled between its green mountains, and the sun hits perfectly on those early mornings.

Since the house is over 200 years old, the architecture is quite traditional and was maintained by the family. The rooms are spacious, with arched ceilings and colourful stained glass windows.

The furnishing is a mix of traditional Lebanese and modernized interior design – a blast from the past and a second home, all in one.

Whether you decide to take a nice stroll in nature, or enjoy a coffee on their terrace, this place emanates comfort and relaxation. The house is only 2 minutes away by car from the Beiteddine Palace, so you can also do some sightseeing!

You can book a stay at Beytbyout here or by messaging them on Instagram.