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Beirut.com 25 Jun 2021

16 Types Of Lebanese People During The Euro Cup

Happy Euro Cup Season.

1. The one who NEEDS to set a schedule before the game

“Rou2o ya jame3a badde la7e2 wasel khaye 3al matar abel match Germany”

2. The one who analyses every single move

“OKOK but if they lose this and and let Spain win the quarter final then Portugal has a chance to win”

3. The one who sits on the couch and eats all the snacks

Pretends they’re interested, but they’re just here for the food.

4. The one who needs complete silence while watching the game

“SKETO MESH AAM BESMA3” – what exactly is there to hear…?

5. The one who gets mega pissed off

And they end up throwing shit, like chill.

6. The one who celebrates a goal for a 9 minutes

Khalas ok.

7. The one who convinces you that it was an OFFISDE

W ma bye2tene3.

8. The one who doesn’t know wtf is going on

“Wayno ronaldo?”

“3am yel3abo Germany ya hmar”

9. The snack provider

“Layko shu 3abelkoon ba3d popcorn?”

10. The one who comes dressed in uniform.

Jersey, shorts, and long socks (sometimes includes face paint).

11. The ones who fight because both of their favorite teams are playing


12. The one who teases and proves you wrong

13. The commentator

Needs to voice every single step.

14. The one who just screams


15. The one who always wins

And screams “ELTELKOOOOON” every 7 seconds.

16. The misogynist that assumes the girl of the group doesn’t understand football

“Jeye tshaj3e Ronaldo?”