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Beirut.com 02 Jul 2021

6 Queer Friendly Places Around Beirut

While this list is not comprehensive AT ALL, here are six places that are overtly queer friendly in Beirut! Check them out and show them some support. (Cue the first lame homophobe who announces they’ll be boycotting them — lol.)

1. Orenda

With delectable plant-based meals and an unbeatable terrace, this spot is bound to become your favorite! Enjoy the breeze as you sip perfectly-crafted cocktails, munch on tortilla chips, and make some happy memories.

Oh, and word to the wise: do not miss out on their incredible burrito.


3. L’Osteria

Quaint, delightful, and all-around fantastic. From the delicious nibbles that this Italian bar offers, to the perfectly crafted drinks and the unbeatable trattoria vibes, L’Osteria is a local favorite for good reason.

You’ll find everything your heart wants and then some! With amazing meals, a mega friendly staff, and flowing wine.

4. Bardo

Unsurprisingly, Bardo made it to our list of queer friendly spots in Beirut! This bar, cafe, and restaurant is an incredible place that has led the charge on inclusivity in Lebanon for so long.

Here, you can gossip your day away over a delicious coffee, dine from their Mediter-Asian gastropub menu or drink and dance till the wee hours of the morning. This place manages to have it all. Drop by as a customer, leave as a friend.

Bardo also routinely hosts fun events like quiz nights and drag shows, so keep an eye on their social media for more details!

5. Social House Beirut

Their doors are open to everyone, so drop by and enjoy a seat in their scenic garden located in the heart of the city.

Apart from the yummy bites on their menu, Social House Beirut hosts movie nights, talent shows, and a bunch of other fun events you’ll definitely enjoy with friends. This place will make you feel right at home, with a loving and accepting environment ready to up the energy and bring you some laughter.

6. Riwaq Beirut

Riwaq has a delightful sign outside their space that says, “If you’re sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or an asshole, don’t come in.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Exceptional home-made dishes and some of the friendliest energies around make this space homey and a must-visit.

Reader’s submissions:

– Luna’s Kitchen

A beautiful vegan spot!

– Posh

A wonderful nightclub that has been open for a decade!